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AWS Cloud Services List

Amazon EC2

Amazon EC2 or Elastic Compute Cloud is an AWS service that provides a safe and secure resizable compute capacity. The service is used for providing an easy yet highly performative web-scale cloud computing for developers. The service facilitates the complete control of the developers to compute and manage the resources.

The service also promotes the secure deployment of applications without the need for employing any additional hardware while allowing unconstrained access to virtual servers.

Amazon S3

Ranked as one of the top AWS services list, Amazon S3 or Amazon Simple Storage Services is used to store and retrieve data, which is the most basic step to begin cloud computing. Its impressive storage worth 5 TB allows unconstrained storage, retrieving of data, and its uploading to the cloud.

Amazon RDS

Amazon Relational Database Services is used for in the cloud database configuration, management, and scaling. The service helps in easing boring tasks such as backups, database arrangement, patching, and hardware provisioning. It is highly versatile, being able to work on servers like Amazon Aurora, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle. database, and SQL server.

AWS Lambda

The services ease the running of codes without any server and execute codes only when needed, and uses automatic scalability. The best feature of AWS Lambda is that the service is only deemed payable for the time taken to compute and not for the time when code is not being executed.

Amazon CloudFront

A content delivery network platform, CloudFront is used for raid rate execution of codes, secure data, app distribution at a global scale with reduced lag times. The services can easily integrate with other AWS services like Amazon S3 and EC2 to customize the service experience and manage to code.

The integrated service with S3 and EC2, using Amazon CloudFront, is not applicable for any additional fees.

Amazon Glacier

One of the paramount Amazon services, Amazon Glacier, is a storage service that provides high-end security and data backup along with its data caching for reasonable prices.

The backup storage allows data to store for an extended time, maybe even up to decades. Prices start from as low as $1 for each terabyte of data per month, which helps save resources, hardware space, and manage supplies.

Amazon EBS (Elastic Block Store)

The service is used for throughput and transaction workloads of virtually any size within Amazon EC2 and is a high-performance block storage solution. Amazon EBS can work with relational and non-relational databases and enterprise applications.

Users can opt for five different cost and effectiveness options. You can alter the volume size and manage performance without disturbing your cost options to manage the block storage with time.

Amazon SNS

Amazon Service Notification Services is used for sending and managing messages and notifications to and fro the clients. The service provides a bulk message service at very low costs and is directed towards mobile users. By using decoupled microservice apps, communication channels can send messages or chat between system and system or from app to person.

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