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How to Start DevOps Engineering on AWS?

Amazon Web services started its certification program back in 2013. This certification has become one of the best assets that could be utilized by engineers for boosting their careers. 89% of IT  professionals in 2018 worldwide had at least one certification, which is 3% higher than in 2017 according to the IT skills and salary report of 2018.

AWS exams are now obtainable in multiple languages catering to the global demand factor by numerous testing centers worldwide.

DevOps and cloud expertise with industry-recognized credentials is validated by AWS certification and it helps organizations in identifying and hiring highly-skilled specialists cloud initiatives on the platform.

What we need to know for becoming an AWS certified DevOps engineer?

Very high demand for AWS DevOps engineers in the cloud industry, and getting our AWS DevOps certification helps us in standing out from the crowd.  Below are some tips that  are going to help us in acing the exams and boosting our career:

Prerequisites for the certification exam

The AWS DevOps certification is a professional level certification that caters to developers and system operators, also known as DevOps practitioners. We must complete the foundational level and associate level of credentials before giving this exam that indicates we should first be an AWS certified developer or AWS certified sysops administrator.

We should always be aware of services like compute and network, storage and CDN, database, analytics, application services, deployment, and management. We must also know how to use auto-scaling, monitoring, and logging in a w s effectively. 2 years of comprehensive experience and designing and troubleshooting AWS cloud solutions is a bonus.

Exam format

AWS certification exam comprises questions in two formats: multiple choice questions and multiple response questions. Every multiple-choice question includes a scenario-based problem that a DevOps person would have faced in the real world. These questions contribute to more potential solutions with one correct answer.

In the multiple response questions, we have four or more options to choose from, and we are required to select two or more suitable answers since there can be multiple correct solutions. We will be required to pay $300 as registration fees for the AWS DevOps certification exam, and the test will have a time limit of 170 minutes.

Evaluation process

The evaluation procedure of the AWS DevOps certification exam is dependent upon the best practices and guidelines of the industries.  The scoring system is established by IT professionals to score anywhere from 100-1000  by obtaining a minimum passing score of 750.

Aws certification also requires a compensatory scoring model that indicates that we don't have to pass individual sections. Still, we will be required to obtain an overall score of 750 for passing. Nevertheless, all the unanswered questions in the examination are scored as incorrect and could affect our final score.

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