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AWS: All You Need to Know

What is AWS?

A division of Amazon, AWS, or Amazon Web Services is a cloud service provider. It specializes in over 170 fully-featured services like secure, scalable cloud computing power, warehousing, data processing, and APIs for businesses to individuals, corporations, and even governments. Overall it is a one-step solution to promote, grow, and analyze businesses securely and over the cloud.

What is AWS used for?

AWS is a service that can be employed by businesses of any size ranging from single individual enterprises to global corporations. What makes it special is its adaptability, scalability, and dependability. Hence, using its abundance of services, sophisticated applications can be built on-demand.

Its databases, networking options, storage alternatives, and computing power allow businesses to forsake many infrastructural necessities instead of focusing on growing the company itself. Hence, an organization or enterprise, even at the most initiative level, can use the resources provided by AWS and benefit from the pay-as-you-go basis of the services.

Security and reliability

One aspect of AWS that stands out more than that of any traditional services is its outstanding security levels. All businesses deal with exclusive information meant for the eyes of concerned individuals only. Hence, cloud services are usually trusted less concerning this while hardware infrastructure is too easy to fall into prying hands, again.

But, AWS provides comprehensive security certification and accreditation, hardware security, data encryption at rest and while being transmitted, and strong physical security, which combined make up a pretty secure cloud computing network with no loose seams.

The services not only fulfill all enterprise-level concerns but also helps in meeting organizational levels and other regulations of governments and agreements.

Best features of AWS

Usability and its ease: AWS's applications are accessed using the AWS Management Console or web services APIs. The services are curated to facilitate application providers so that they can host applications without a glitch.

Versatility: AWS is highly flexible with its programming languages and operating systems. The users can opt for any operating system, programming language, database, or web app platforms they require. The users can create any base they need and fit the services for their end.

Pricing and costs: Using the pay-as-you-go basis, AWS requires the users to pay only for the services, databases, computing power, and storage used. Hence, the service is extremely cost-effective.

Reliability and safety: AWS provides the most non-penetrable, high-end security to all of its users despite the company size. Also, the security centers of AWS are open all day, all week, and come up with quick and prompt security solutions. Its state-of-art electronic surveillance and multi-factor access control add an impenetrable shield of security for all enterprises.

How can businesses benefit from AWS?

Apart from the security, reliability, and extensive safe cloud storage space, AWS provides excellent start-up support and features to give a kick start to business initiatives. It helps in the easy creation of web apps, access domains, and repurpose data for growing reach.


The highly versatile services of AWS are easy to shape using any business mold, access data warehousing, clickstream analytics. Its easy fraud detection makes managing data simple and stress-free. All in all, AWS is at the top of its game and has mastered the best services to provide.

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